Improving Quality Processes


The following actions demonstrate the typical steps involved in implementing CMMI-based process improvement:

  • Secure sponsorship and funding
  • CMMI training for key stakeholders
  • Preparing organization for change
  • Forming a process improvement group
  • Analyse existing processes
  • Priotitize process improvement plan
  • Track process improvement progress
  • Learn what went well and what didin't


HLC uses IDEAL model for process improvement life cycle (developed by SEI) illustrated below:

HLC principal consultant is used to train large groups as he has 11 years university teaching experience and he has very strong background in the area of software development. HLC provides extensive training for engineering and management staff during the establishment or improvement of quality and processes:

  • Standard processes
  • Product development life cycles
  • Development methodologies
  • Product development templates
  • Quality measurement and analysis
  • Quality assurance